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Our mission is to promote biblical morality through the written word. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. All our books are written from a biblical perspective.

Lessons in Depravity is a major exposure of the amoral nature of sex education ideology; it highlights the amoral ideology that drives this industry.  The Outrage of Amoral Sex education demonstrates to parents the reality of sex education in the school classroom. What is Going On in Christian Sex Education shows the Christian compromise in teaching children about sex.

We have published a trilogy of books that expose the danger of psychology in the Church; the Christian counselling industry has integrated the theories of psychological teaching with Scripture, and this represents a serious threat to the teachings of the Church.

Dark Side of Christian Counselling deals with the so called giants of psychotherapy, such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers, exposing the ungodly nature of their theories. The sad fact is that many of these ungodly theories have been integrated into the Church by the Christian counselling industry.

Christ or Therapy? deals with the issue of depression that is overwhelming the church, exposing the fallacy of the psycho-secular model of depression.

Seductive  Theories of Marriage Education is an important book for not many people are aware that the marriage education movement is the greatest pathway through which the theories of psychology enter the Church. It exposes the bankruptcy of the Marriage Course which relies on the techniques of secular psychology.

The New Calvinists explains the meaning of New Calvinism, the main personalities involved and the errors of its teaching.

Ecumenism: Another Gospel deals with the Lausanne movement for world evangelization and its ecumenical agenda.  It demonstrates that Billy Graham and John Stott compromised the true Gospel in order to develop the idea that the mission of the church involves socio-political action, evangelism and environmental care (a green agenda).

A forthcoming book exposes the fallacies of the increasingly popular idea that the mission of the Church is a holistic mission.

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